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Everything you need to know about your sofa covers and how to properly care for it.


What is a Magic Sofa Cover?

Nolan Interior's Magic Sofa Covers are machine washable, easy to install, and wonderfully soft. Our stretchy couch and sofa covers stay securely in place, providing a quick, simple, and cost-effective way to protect your sofa and prolong its life. Cr

How do I choose the right size for a Magic Sofa Cover?

To pick the right size, measure the single cushion you need to cover and select the size that matches your measurements. Click here to access our size chart and measurement guide.

Are your sofa covers water-resistant and suitable for outdoor furniture?

Our sofa covers are designed to repel water and other liquids, but they aren't entirely waterproof. They might not withstand being left outdoors all year. We recommend using them on furniture that is sheltered from rain and direct sunlight.

Do you make covers for sectionals?

Absolutely! Our sofa covers are designed to fit most sofas with removable cushions that meet our size guide requirements.

What is the coverage of these sofa covers?

We offer seat covers, back covers, chaise covers, and pillow covers. Our covers are designed specifically for sofa cushions and cannot be used on the bottom part of a couch.

Can I use the chaise cover on either side of my couch?

Absolutely! Our chaise covers are designed to fit both the right and left sides.

Can these covers fit on a leather sectional with electric recliners?

Yes, as long as the cushions are removable and meet our size guide requirements, our covers should fit nicely.

Is the chaise cover L-shaped or rectangular?

Our chaise covers are rectangular in shape, but they will adapt to the L-shape of your chaise as long as the cushions fit our size guide.

Do you offer sample swatches?

We currently do not offer sample swatches, but we are always exploring ways to improve our customer experience, so this may become an option in the future.